Greetings to the People of South Sudan from Ambassador Naohiro Tsutsumi

Ambassador Tsutsumi
Dear South Sudanese friends,

I am Naohiro Tsutsumi, Japan’s Ambassador to South Sudan. It is my great pleasure to come to this young country!

This is my second visit to South Sudan. The first one was back in October 2011, just after the independence of this country. While my stay was very short, merely two days, it gave me colourful images of this country: the blue sky, the brown soil, green trees and the powerful White Nile River.

Since the independence of South Sudan, Japan has been committed to supporting the South Sudan’s peace process and nation building. Two infrastructure development projects which would help South Sudan unleash its full potential, as the constructions of the Freedom Bridge over the White Nile River and the Water Supply System in Juba, have progressed despite such difficulties as the domestic instability and COVID-19. Japan is very determined to complete the projects.

I share with you my aspirations during my term in South Sudan. First of all, I want to become a good friend of yours. I want to understand as much as possible of South Sudan, its people, society and culture. Secondly, I will try my best to promote the bilateral relations between South Sudan and Japan. And thirdly, I will try my best to encourage and assist lively people to people exchanges between the two countries.

Recently, South Sudan is getting more and more popular among the Japanese. Why? It is because a team of South Sudanese athletes and coach, training for 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games, in Maebashi City, Japan, is reported in the media nation-wide. They not only improve the athlete skills and physical strength but also learn Japanese language and culture. Naturally, they make friends with the Japanese. They are truly good sports ambassadors of South Sudan to Japan.

I am looking forward to working to support South Sudan’s self-help efforts for the brighter future, becoming a true friend of South Sudan.

Naohiro Tsutsumi
Ambassador-designate of Japan to the Republic of South Sudan